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Bitbucket activity analysis (and) logging

October 18, 2016 | tags: bitbucket javascript jquery

I do majority of my home projects on Bitbucket. You know how it displays recent user activity? No? Probably because you did not even notice:

Bitbucket dashboard

That is correct, Bitbucket does not display any activity at all.


I wanted to have an easy, visual overview of where my Bitbucket work is allocated. So I developed a simple tool displaying project-based Bitbucket activity, like this:

Code-name BAAL. Through combined power of 250 lines of css, html and js BAAL reads Bitbucket user RSS feed and builds project activity histogram, as seen above. No REST APIs, no auth, no complex DOM manipulation. Additionally, you can toggle issue breakdown when you click on project histogram.

Want to see your Bitbucket activity? Download baal.html and change bitbucketRssUrl variable to your user URL (which can be found at https://bitbucket.org/dashboard/repositories).